Finding Value in Issuers

Midtown Partners & Co., LLC focuses on finding attractive prospective companies/issuers so that institutional and accredited investors are introduced and exposed to opportunities of interest.

We cover and advise a wide range of small-cap organizations that include healthy living, biotechnology, food, technology, media and telecommunications.

In addition, Midtown Partners has hosted and plans to continue organizing conferences and events to introduce niche companies to investors.

Creative Solutions for Capital Needs | Midtown Partners

Direct Investment As An Asset Class

Opportunities in Emerging Growth Companies, both private and publicly traded, can be risky. This asset class is intended for sophisticated, accredited and institutional investors. 

Creative Solutions for Capital Needs | Midtown Partners

Portfolio Theory

We believe every investment has the potential to outperform, but early stage companies bring a higher risk. With a broad portfolio approach, investors spread risk and can yield a stronger rate of return.

Creative Solutions for Capital Needs | Midtown Partners

Investment Banking Team

Reviews and analyzes business plans, then select and structure investment opportunities to offer our investors. Our team seeks high-growth companies in emerging fields to maximize returns.