Corporate Access (CA)

Midtown Partners offers select public companies our Corporate Access (CA) Program to connect to investors.

Our CA program is the culmination of our team’s experience serving the small cap sector and its issuers.

Midtown Partners will help guide your company’s message to reach a wider investor base by leveraging our experience in capital markets, equity research, and investor relations.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of the many facets and challenges in the micro-small cap marketplace and can assist companies to streamline their investor relations.

After developing a deep understanding of your company, our Corporate Access team will:

  • Optimize a company’s message and value proposition to the “Street”
  • Identify the ideal prospective investor base (portfolio managers and buy side analysts) for marketing engagements
  • Raise the company profile by targeting appropriate conferences and networking events
  • Assist in crafting earnings call scripts, press releases, and marketing materials
  • Provide investor feedback